Electrical & Instrumentation works


The project involved the following activities:

  • Cable Tray assembly and installation
  • Installation of electrical & control panels
  • Running and Termination of power and instrumentation cables
  • Support for testing and commissioning

Building Management System


The project involved the following activities

Design and assembly of Power synchronizing control panel

Design and assembly of Main Low Voltage Electrical Panels enabled for BMS integration

Design & installation of BMS system based on the XPro technology

Smart Metering


The Smart Metering System was designed and built complete with the power distribution panel for the 22 apartment building complex.

The system provides a transparent means of recording energy consumption at the facility and automatic generation of bills to the tenants.

This was a great solution for Devtracoplus because our system is able to measure tenant consumption on multiple sources of electricity, and allows the facility manager to apply the appropriate rates for each energy source on the emmX Studio application.

Remote Monitoring System


The Project involved the following activities

Design and build Main Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear assemblies at Data centers in various locations across Ghana

Supply and Installation of Enterprise Wide remote monitoring and control SCADA solution to supervise performance and system availability at each datacenter and at the Network Operations Center where all network activitiy is monitored.

The system was also designed to provide real-time notification of critical parameters to all stakeholders.

Solar PV Installation


102kW Solar PV System is to be installed at the Automation Hub, Accra in two phases. The first phase is complete with 72kW Solar PV comprising of 363 Solar PV Panels and a battery backup of 7000ah. The first phase utilizes the existing roof space.

The system is designed to provide Solar PV power as a primary energy source for all electrical equipment in the building, from lighting through Air Conditioning, IT equipment and Security systems; everything is powered by Solar PV.

The Battery pack provides adequate energy for cloudy days.

The Setup is modular and will be expanded to achieve 102kW single phase Solar PV once the phase two of the building is complete.

The Solar PV System is helping the Automation Hub reduce its running cost on electricity. It is estimated that the company will breakeven on the cost of the project in less than 5 years of its use.

Manufacturing and installation of LV Control Switchgear


Norpalm processing plant required the following:

a replacement of its main LV Control switchgear

Power Factor Correction equipment to reduce their energy bils

Power Synchronizing Panel to manage multiple sources of power: Utility, Diesel Generator and Steam Engine.

All the panels were designed and assembled at our Switchgear workshop. The design took into consideration space limitations at the Norpalm power room and ease of decommissioning existing hardware and installing the new. The final product was designed to meet IEC 61439 guidelines.