Infinity Club Diaries - Getting Started

At the Automation Ghana Group (TAGG), giving back to the community we operate in has become a way of life. We are particularly passionate about children because we believe that they are the future of the nation and the world at large. It is this passion that compelled the group to set up the Future Leaders’ Educational Fund in 2015, to cater for the basic educational needs of brilliant but needy students residing and schooling within our community. (More details on the Future Leaders’ Educational Fund here:

In addition to the fund, the Infinity Club was initiated at the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year for pupils within the community. This move was to encourage pupils to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM), and to make the study of these subjects a lot more interesting.

At the very first meeting held on 29th November, 2019, we had forty-four (44) pupils signing up to join the club. Out of this number, there were 30 pupils from Primary School and 14 pupils from Junior High School (JHS). The enthusiasm was evident on their faces and eminent in their actions. The meeting was characterized by pupils’ introductions and a brief introduction of the purpose and objective of the Infinity Club.  Pupils were also given the opportunity to share their understanding of Energy and its various sources. They also identified problems within the Energy sector which could create opportunities for people to apply their knowledge in Science.

Demo Presentation
      A demo presentation on basic electrical circuits


The second club meeting was held on the 31st of January, 2020. In this meeting, members of the Infinity Club were split into two groups; the first comprising of pupils from Primary School and the second comprising of pupils from Junior High School.

We had sixteen (16) new members joining the club; 6 from JHS and 10 from Primary. As a result, the discussion on Energy was revisited with more emphasis on Solar Energy this time around. It was very heartwarming to see pupils shoot up their hands to make contributions on what they remembered from the last discussions. 

This is how far TAGG has come in pursuit of sparking the interest of children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM), which are highly misconceived as difficult subjects. Kindly follow and like our social media pages to be updated on the Infinity Club Diaries.