Episode 2 - Smart Home Technology- Experience It

Weekend Episode

It is Saturday and Kobby, who is taking a professional course leaves home at 1:00pm for class. He usually ends class at 4:00pm and gets home at 5:00pm but it seems his lecturer wants to keep them for a longer period today to discuss their upcoming professional certification examination. This is no problem for Kobby as he has the smart home system. He only retrieves his phone and changes the mode to evening mode in away.  This is set for the outside lights at home to go on in his absence. This feature greatly enhances security as his home is illuminated and people would think there is someone at home and may not try to break in.

Kobby gets home at 8:00pm exhausted but he has plans of reading before retiring to bed so he eats, takes a quick shower and hops into bed with his book. He does not want light spread over his entire bedroom so he turns on the spotlights with his phone just for his bed and begins to read.

After about an hour of reading, Kobby dozes off with his book still in hand but is suddenly jolted awake by the cold air-condition. Just imagine how frustrating it is having to get up from your blissful sleep to look for the air-condition remote to increase the temperature but Kobby here does not have to do that. He slips his hand under his pillow to take out his phone and changes the mode to sleep mode and goes back to sleep.