Episode 3 - Kobby Visits Uncle Ato

Friday is here and Kobby has been invited by his uncle, Ato to come and spend the weekend with him and his family in their five-bedroom house at Cantonments so Kobby packs and is picked up by Uncle Ato. As they neared the house, Uncle Ato takes his phone out and taps for the gate to open. They drive in and automatic detection allows for the garage door to open for them to drive in. Kobby gets out of the car and looks around, visibly impressed and makes a mental note to do same when he buys his own house.

Being in a big house, some rooms had their lights off but as uncle Ato took Kobby on a tour of the house, the lights, sensing human presence come on. He meets Auntie Araba, their two children: Esi and Akyere and their dog, Bingo.

After pleasantries were exchanged and Kobby had settled, Auntie Araba prepared food and they ate. After eating, the girls went into their playroom and the adults sat in the Livingroom to have a conversation but in the course of their chat, they heard shrieking coming from the girls’ playroom so Auntie Araba checked to see what was going on in the room on the tablet and it so happened that Esi and Akyere were fighting over who should ride the tricycle first so Kobby volunteered to go and separate the fight but came back looking flustered. He had no idea how to handle kids so Auntie Araba went to attend to the matter herself. Uncle Ato only chuckled and patted Kobby on his shoulder saying, ‘it will be your turn soon.’ Kobby could only smile nervously. After a while, Uncle Ato thought it was quieter than usual and since he could not see Bingo in the hall, he checked on his tablet to check on the dog to see if it was not chewing on any furniture or messing the place up.

Later that evening, they watched a movie on Netflix and then retired to their rooms. Kobby played some cool music in the room he was occupying through the distribution audio system and changed the mode to sleep mode. He listened to the cools for a while and drifted off to sleep.