Episode 4 - The Weekend Party

It is another weekend and having had a long week, Kobby decides to unwind by inviting a few of his friends over to his house.

Food and drinks are bought and a playlist is created.

The boys have been contacted and have been organized and the time for the party is 6pm but Kobby wants to take a nap before the party begins so he sets his alarm for 5:45pm and proceeds to take his nap.

At 5:30pm, he is awoken by a notification on his phone that there is someone drawing close to his door. He checks who it is with the help of the CCTV camera at his door and realizes that it is one of his friends who has come to the party early. He lets his friend in and decides to take a shower and get ready for the party since he is already up. The alarm goes off while he was showering but because he did not have his phone with him, he said “Alexa, turn alarm off” and it went off.

The party began after with the rest of his friends trooping in with their plus-ones. The lights in the Living room are set to party mode and the playlist starts playing through his distribution audio. The girls pass food and drinks around and it is all cheers and gay.

After a while, the boys decide to play video games so the girls go into Kobby’s bedroom to chat. The music is set so it plays only in his bedroom. The boys turn the television on, power up the PS-5 and start the game with Pro Evolution Soccer. They take a break to grab some more drinks and come back to play God of War, Forza, Call of Duty and Need for Speed next which they had this connected to his distribution audio. All this while, the doors are secured with the automatic lock and the alarm set.

Kobby and his friends play video games, eat and drink well into the night before finally taking leave of him.