The Automation Ghana Group (TAGG) commenced operation with the establishment of Process and Plant Automation Ltd (PPA) in 2003. Undoubtedly, PPA is Ghana’s leading Industrial and Building Automation company, and the first of its kind in the country. We provide smart engineering solutions to the mining and manufacturing industries, as well as homes and offices. Among other things, the company’s area of specialization includes but not limited to System integration, PLC Programming and Upgrades, Industrial Control, Drives & PLC Training, Remote Monitoring/Telemetry/ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Energy Audit, Retail of LV components and Cables, Sockets, Switches, Lights, conduits, Test / Hand Tools, Solar PV Systems, Design & Installation of Smart Buildings, Electrical installation in Buildings, Industrial Electrical Wiring, Industrial Control Supplies, Process Control & Automation and Bulk Liquid Inventory Management Solutions.

Needing to proffer complete turnkey solutions and support to the process industry in Ghana, Automation Solutions Ltd was established 2014. This would be the first Instrumentation Supply and Services Company in Ghana. Inter alia, the company’s area of business includes- Analytical Measurement, Temperature Measurement, Flow measurement, Level Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Tank Gauging Solutions, Overfill Prevention System, Energy Monitoring Systems and Data Acquisition & Visualization. It also has the Oil and Gas, Food and Beverages, Primaries – Gold Mines & Cement, Water and Waste Water and Power & Energy as its domain.

The quest to heighten automation by providing unique innovative solutions and products with focus on Energy Savings, Entertainment, Security and Convenience necessitated the establishment of The Smart Home Solutions Ltd in 2014. The Smart Home Solutions Ltd emphasizes largely on the Real Estate Industry: Hotels, Homes, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings and Schools.

To augment existing knowledge/services in the field of Electrical Switchgear Assembly, the Electrical Switchgear Ltd (ESL) came into being in 2017. ESL specializes in Electrical Switchgear Assembly, Customized Automation & Control Panels with ‘IEC 61439 – 1’ standard as the benchmark. Thus, our products/solutions/services include: Energy Management and Building System Panels, Customized Control Panels, Power Distribution Boards, Automatic Transfer Switches, Synchronization Panels, Power Factor Correction Panels and a mix of new products. These products and services are tailored to feed the growing Ghanaian manufacturing industry and beyond. The Electrical Switchgear Ltd also offers training in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation, to develop and improve the knowledge base of personnel employed by these industries.