Solar & Energy Storage

Solar power is key to a clean and eco-friendly energy future. Like other renewable energy sources such as hydropower and wind power generation, solar power capacity is growing at a phenomenal rate due to its scalability, flexibility of being used in residential, commercial and industrial power generation, its relatively low total cost of ownership and most importantly the abundance of sunlight readily available to harness solar power to meet immediate energy needs or for storage in battery banks.

At Process and Plant Automation Limited, we assist clients in assessing their energy needs and providing them with a cost effective renewable energy solutions. Our approach includes minimizing demand to achieve a more energy efficient load profile, then supplementing supply with renewable power generation. PPA offers renewable solar energy in various designs-

  • OFF-GRID PV Solar Systems
  • ON-GRID PV Solar Systems 

Our solar and energy storage solutions involve;

  1. The Engineering phase
  2. Quality Control Standards
  3. Energy Audit
  4. The Commissioning Procedures


Features & Benefits

  1. Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar PV Panels
  2. Robust MPPT charge controllers
  3. Pure sine wave Hybrid Inverters
  4. High performance Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries
  5. Scalable Solar PV design


We are certified by the Energy Commission to undertake the installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic and renewable energy systems in Ghana. To this, we have to our credit a combined total of over 3MWp of installed and commissioned renewable energy power projects. This includes a 250kWp Grid-Tied PV system for the Lincoln Community School, 40kWp Off-Grid PV system for the Medi-Moses Prostate Centre, 30kWp Grid-Tied PV system for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (Tema Regional Office), 20kWp Off-Grid PV power system for Type Company Limited, 10kWp Grid-Tied PV system for the Ghana Institution of Engineering, just to mention but a few. If you are in search of a renewable energy partner, then look no further than PPA Ltd.