Switchboard Solutions

Our team of experienced switchgear design engineers will work with you to understand any design restrictions and select the most suitable product offer to deliver a compliant and cost-effective solution.

Our Switchboard solutions offer advanced protection, fault protection and seamless integration with energy management and control systems. We are well experienced in having to be innovative with our solutions to meet site space constraints or budget limitations whilst still respecting any specification requirements.

Our switchboards are type tested Types 2,3,5,6 and 7 and designed with safety and reliability in mind. Our engineering designs are done with the experience of dealing with local condition which makes us flexible in project management and adaptable to local project habits and end-user needs.

We use our expertise to design bespoke solutions. We utilize the latest 3D design tools to design our products to meet your requirements. We do not sell out of a catalogue forcing you to have what is within any particular range of products – we design what you want and need. You can trust our after-sales support services.

Synchronizing Panels

Description: A synchronization panel is an electrical control panel that is used to synchronize multiple power sources, such as generators or utilit ...

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Busbar Chamber

Description: Our busbar chamber offers a common point for power delivery in an electrical setup such as; To create a distribution point in an app ...

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PLC Panel

Description: A PLC panel is a control panel that uses a programmable logic controller to automatically control various industrial applications. Appli ...

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Feeder Pillar Panel

The Electrical Switchgear Limited is a leader in the manufacture, supplier and exporters of feeder pillar within the West African Subregion. Our feede ...

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AC Drive Panel

AC drive panels is a widely used motor speed controllers that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric m ...

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Sub Distribution Panel

Our range of sub distribution power panels consists of a basic frame with all the necessary electrical components such as main isolating switches, eme ...

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Main Power Distribution Panel

In various industries, the main distribution panel houses the fuses, circuit breakers ground leakage protection units, etc. where the electrical energ ...

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Power Factor Correction Panel

Switchboard loading can change and harmonics can be introduced that can harm the capacitors and raise the danger of fire. ESL designs and manufactures ...

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Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are electrical switchgears necessary in any standby electrical power system. It is hugely relied upon in the absence ...

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Technology demands that existing infrastructure changes could be carried out either by completely replacing the existing switchgear which may be expen ...

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Motor Control Center (MCC)

Our Motor Control Centers are rigidly designed and built for a wide range of industrial applications. Our MCCs are designed up to 6000 A operational c ...

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Containerized Switchgear

Our Containerized Switchgear is a turn key solution that comes as a complete factory assembled solution which combines High Voltage Switchgear, Power ...

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