Save Money With Solar

Solar energy has many benefits and opportunities which have proven to be self-reliant and cost effective over the past few decades. It is no surprise that homes and offices have begun to adopt the installation of solar panels as a means to offset costly electricity charges. Ever wondered why other businesses operate fully on solar 24/7? Here is what they may not be telling you;

  • Solar is an ever-present help in times of frequent power outages

Solar energy is a good alternative source of power to the national grid. In times of power outages, the solar PV panels on the roof becomes a reliable source of power.

  • Materials for solar are less costly than they were before

Materials for solar now cost less. Solar PV panels, inverters and batteries now cost less. The cost of PV panels, installation and maintenance have reduced significantly. Moreover, a reliable company like the Automation Ghana Group, can provide high quality installation and maintenance that can last for about 30 years. Regular system checks in a year is required for optimum performance.

  • Attractive Financing Options are available

There is the belief that acquiring solar is costly. This may not be entirely true. While the initial setup cost may be high, it offers a relatively superior value over its lifespan compared to the national grid. The good news today is that, financing options are available to make going solar more affordable. At Automation Ghana Group, we offer flexible payment options to make the transition less costly. You start savings on energy right from the first month.

  • Real Savings on energy cost

Going solar means, you can cut down significantly on electricity bills. The cost savings are real especially when the Automation Ghana group offers flexible payment options.

  • Solar is Environmentally friendly

Solar power uses the energy from the sun. It does not produce any emissions or greenhouse gases. Unlike fossil fuels, solar produces no emissions and greenhouse gases. This makes it good for the environment.

  • Bonus: The Sun is Always Available

As long as the Earth continues to orbit around the sun, we will continue to enjoy its beautiful light rays. This means that solar energy will never run out. We are here to help you transition to solar power.


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