Energy Monitoring, Metering & Management Solutions

Process and Plant Automation Limited as part of its vision to become West Africa’s Choice for Smart Solutions provides cutting edge software-based solution XPro, that utilizes the functionality of high technology meters (Smart Meters) for energy monitoring and billing.
Our smart metering solution as we call it allows you to:

  • Meter user consumption on both utility (PDS) and generator or other backup power supply (Solar, etc.)
  • Easily monitor how energy usage in each section of your facility (especially for commercial buildings)
  • Conveniently allocate cost to each section of your building or tenants
  • Generate periodic reports (Energy Usage reports; daily, monthly, annually, time based, etc.)
  • Remotely have access to consumption data
  • Create security levels that prevents people from gaining access to top-level information
  Real Time Energy Monitoring
Discover how our platform presents a smart, convenient way to remotely monitor energy consumption in real time


Implement Cost Effective Energy Efficiency Project
With our platform, one energy meter can be used to monitor consumption on both Utility and Generator



End flat rate billing and bill each tenant based on their energy consumption. Implement Cost Effective Energy 


Get Value for Money
Our Smart Metering gives you more than just energy monitoring and billing;


  1. The system provides Real Time Event Notification: get alerted on which power source is available (Utility, Genset, Solar, etc.)
  2. It reports on which of the power sources is active.
  3. The system also reports on the status (On/Off) of each meter installed and configured.
  4. Our platform is scalable. In a bid to make our solution a cost-effective energy efficiency solution, our system allows the integration of the monitoring of your generators and fuel tanks and substations.
  5. We give you a one stop solution for your energy efficiency and monitoring needs.

Choose the System you Want
PPA provides 2 Smart Metering solutions. No matter your facility type, our expert team gives you enough information to guide you in deciding which of the systems best suits your purpose;

Partial Metering Solution - Get our meter to monitor Genset/solar consumption only. Use PDS meters to monitor your consumption on utility.

Full Metering Solution - Use one smart meter, to monitor consumption on utility and alternative power sources (Genset, solar, etc.)



Energy cost, efficiency and environmental impacts are increasing becoming the biggest worry for industry Managers here in Ghana and across the subregion. This adversely affects heavy energy consumers. The Automation Ghana Group offers the tools to help industrial facilities reduce energy cost, improve their energy efficiency, and manage their carbon footprint. The Industrial Energy Management and Metering Solution is based on real time data from process monitoring systems, automation systems, production planning systems coupled with the information available from the utility service providers.

The Industrial Energy Management and Metering Solution offers;

  • SCADA and Energy Management Solutions

This completely integrates the industrial hardware and software based on client requirement and available installation. The solution includes the monitoring and management of energy in industrial plants along with control and automation. The solution incorporates the complete gamut of software and hardware like process control, BMS, Security, fire and safety, Streetlights, etc. 

  • Smart metering

The Automation Ghana Group smart metering solution are critical devices within an industry’s distribution network. The solution do not only provide traditional electricity meter measurement functionality, but also serve as an advance power quality analyzer for the factory distribution System.
The solution can come with smart meters to meet the future market and regulatory needs of any utility company by incorporating rich sets of features including prepay, multi-tariff abilities, remote firmware updates, remote connect and reconnect, tamper and outage detection, hardware extensibility, direct relay control, software-configurable service levels, and load factor monitoring. The smart meters can also be updated with new pricing, quality of service, energy management, and monitoring and control services even after they’ve been fully deployed.

  • Four Energy Source Metering

For many. accurately metering and monitoring energy consumption from different energy sources for a single industry is a nightmare. In todays of big data driven Africa, decision making in industry is hinged on how much energy was invested, which source of energy was available and how cost effective the energy source used was. The Automation Ghana Group provides a first of its kind Energy Metering and Monitoring Solution (emmX) to African industry. This consist of a complete hardware and software solution cable of monitoring up to four sources of energy using a single smart meter and is a cable of recording the energy consumption when each of the source is available.
So, whether you use the grid, solar, generator or natural gas, etc. you don’t have to get a meter for each of them and each stage of your production. The solution come complete with remote monitoring capability and industrial IoT compliant.