Mining, Metals & Cement

The Automation Ghana Group provides end-to-end power and process control solutions for our customers in the mining, metals and cement industries ranging from power substation and transmission, motor control, instrumentation and process automation, cable management systems etc.
A connected mine can help you optimize throughput and maximize operations. A connected mine:

  • Provides better access to the information locked inside your processes and assets and gives you the power to make quicker, more effective decisions
  • Provides greater opportunity to keep your operations running uninterrupted longer
  • Helps to improve recovery and yield, and respond ahead of time to avoid potential issues
Mine Site
Mine Site

We can help you connect information and provide the necessary visibility into your operations. Combine this visibility with our vast industry knowledge and domain experience, and we are uniquely placed to help you. Get ready to extract the most value from your sites to help you remain competitive in this dynamic industry.


  • Mining automation
  • Electrical Panel Building
  • Training
  • Supply of Flowmeters, temperature, pressure and level instruments
  • Supply & Installation of electrical components