Future Leaders’ Educational Fund


The Future Leaders’ Educational fund was established in September 2015 by Process and Plant Automation Ltd, to cater for the basic educational needs of brilliant but needy students residing and schooling within our community.

The concept of an educational fund was born out of a desire to invest in education at the very basic level, as a means to contribute to the improvement of lives of especially the future generation. Within the vicinity of the company is a community which has a relatively low standard of living, hence the need to introduce a benevolent activity which will benefit society in the long term. The main objective of this project is to invest in education as a means to improve the lives of this group of stakeholders.

In its inception year, 14 pupils were enrolled. These students were selected based on their academic performance and their family’s financial background. However, preference was given to those who came from financially deprived homes. The first batch of beneficiaries received school uniforms, school bags, stationery and P.E attire, their levies were also paid for.

The succeeding year; 2016/2017 academic year, a total of 18 pupils were sponsored, and subsequently, the fund expanded its intake, adding a minimum of 2 pupils each year. The 2016/2017 academic year saw all beneficiaries receiving a pair of shoes as a newly introduced benefit.

Apart from paying levies and providing other important school needs, PPA has gone the extra mile to include a career day to the program. This is a dedicated day in each academic year, where beneficiaries are invited to spend a day at the Automation Hub. They are given a feel of work life environment. The students participate in an interactive session with employees, as a way to build their confidence and enthusiasm. Some are assigned to specific employees based on their interests. They learn a lot about work; from using the computer to using the internet, e-mails, among others. We believe that an important way to show these children what the future could look like for them is to actually expose them to the possibilities of the future.

The fund hasn’t only benefitted scholarship holders, the company has made a few donations to the school. The Junior High School received a projector to facilitate teaching and learning of ICT. In 2018, there was a presentation of tables and chairs to teaching staff of both Junior High and Primary schools. A total of 10 chairs were donated to the JHS, while 10 chairs and 10 tables were donated to the primary school, as existing tables and chairs were inadequate for the teachers, some of whom had to go to school with their own chairs. 

The company will initiate a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Club in the school, at the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year. This is aimed at encouraging pupils to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and to make the study of these subjects a lot more interesting. The fund at the close of the 2018/2019 academic year has a total of 24 students from both the primary and the Junior Secondary Schools.