Building Automation Solutions

A Building Management System (BMS) is an intelligent monitoring and control system installed in buildings to monitor, control, optimize and provide various reports for the building’s facilities, mechanical, and electrical equipment for comfort, safety, and efficiency.
A BMS is highly recommended for the buildings (mostly high-rise) as it offers various benefits including:

- Effective monitoring, control and optimization of the lighting and HVAC system usage as well as other services such as the lifts and alarm systems.
- Significant savings in energy usage ranging from 18% to 60%.
- Early detection of system faults - Effective use of the maintenance staff resulting in time and money savings
- Good control of internal comfort conditions
- Local and remote control and monitoring of the building resulting in great convenience.
- More satisfied occupants - Reports / Logs for decision making

XPro BMS interfaces with systems including but not limited to:

➢ Lighting Systems
➢ HVAC Systems
➢ Water Management Systems (Water level, etc.
➢ Fuel Management Systems
➢ Pumps & Sprinkler Systems
➢ Generators
➢ Electrical Equipment (Transformer, UPS, ATS, AVR, etc.)
➢ Critical Systems Specific to Facilities (E.g. Mammograph and Cold Room Controllers for Hospitals, etc.)
➢ Flood Detection in Critical Areas (Electrical Rooms, IT Rooms, etc.

*All from a single monitoring and control terminal

The XPro platform is the intelligent backbone behind PPA’s Building Management System (BMS) and Smart Metering Solutions. Since its inception in 2014, XPro has over the years evolved to provide clients with highly customized and scalable solutions for Energy Management, Facility and Infrastructure Management, Security and Emergency Management.

XPro gives a leveraging platform for clients to:

  • Maximize energy efficiency and sustainability through smarter systems and real-time, data-driven decisions.
  • Optimize asset availability and performance through predictive analytics and proactive maintenance.
  • Enables smart productive and profitable operations through reduction of waste and downtime.

The platform features include:

  • Real Time Monitoring of Field Devices and Parameters.
  • Remote Monitoring of Devices and Parameters
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring and Billing (Billing with detailed History)
  • Remote Control of Field Devices
  • Alarming
  • Messaging (Emails and SMS). Get notified by Email and SMS per user request as well as on‐demand querying for information.
  • Event Scheduling