The Automation Ghana Group Donates COVID-19 Hygiene Supplies To Baatsona TMA Primary School

On 3rd February,2021, The Automation Ghana Group (TAGG) donated some hygiene supplies to the Baatsona TMA Primary and JHS, to help in the nation’s fight against the corona virus outbreak. Items donated included soap, boxes of nose mask and veronica buckets.

The donation was led by the Human Resource and Administration Manager, Winnie Sinabisi, on behalf of the company. She indicated that TAGG was particularly concerned about the spread of the virus, and how it could affect teaching and learning especially in less privileged schools. She noted that the company is ready to support its adopted schools in curtailing the spread. These items, she indicated, would go a long way to support government’s efforts in the fight against the virus. She implored the leadership of the schools to ensure the strict adherence to all COVID-19 protocols, and ensure that students understand the importance of social distancing, handwashing, and wearing of nose masks.

Headteachers of the two schools expressed their profound gratitude to the company for their selfless interventions, and promised to continue with COVID-19 sensitization in the school.

Over the years, TAGG has supported the Baatsona TMA primary and JHS, in diverse ways, with the aim of improving teaching and learning, which will go a long way to produce responsible adults in the future. The company has enrolled over 40 pupils since 2015 in a scholarship program which supports especially needy students with uniforms, stationery, shoes, bags, and other required learning material, to enhance their education. TAGG intends to expand the project to more students in the coming years.

She further reiterated that the company, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is committed to offering financial support to brilliant but needy pupils.

In addition to this, The Automation Ghana Group (TAGG) connected the primary section of the school to the national grid in 2015 as it launched the Future Leaders’ Educational Fund, which hitherto was not connected to the national grid. TAGG has also donated chairs and tables to Baatsona T.M.A. Primary to help mitigate the school’s infrastructural challenges and has also donated a projector to the ICT unit, among many others. The most recent project is the STEM club, on which we have 60 pupils enrolled. This was established to encourage students to appreciate science, math and technology.

The Automation Ghana Group (TAGG) is a group of companies consisting of Process and Plant Automation Ltd, Automation Solutions Ltd, Smart Home Solutions Ltd and Switchgear Solutions Ltd which have expertise in industrial and building automation.

The group currently boasts of over 165 employees and operates across West Africa and beyond, and commits to improving the lives of people within the communities in which they operate.