Episode 1 - Smart Home Technology- Experience It

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One rainy Monday morning, Kobby, a procurement officer who lives in a studio apartment is jolted awake by the wake-up mood activated on his phone and connected to his distributed audio system. He checks the time, realizing he is running late, rushes to take a quick shower. While in the bathroom, he listens to news from his favorite radio station, as this station is pre-configured in the wake-up mood. After showering, he sets off to work.

System automatically sets the home to away mode since Kobby is at the office and is swamped with work. This means that his curtains which were not drawn will be drawn remotely. All doors are locked and alarm activated. The smoke detector will enable him to know if something is amiss and he also has a flood detector which will notify him of any leaks if he did not close the taps properly, for example. The lights in his apartment are already taken care of because they are motion sensors and will go off once there is no movement.

At lunch, he gets notified that there is someone lurking around his apartment due to the intruder detected mode activated. He checks to see who it is and realizes it is only a dog running around. Had it been an intruder, he would have issued a command for the alarm to go off to scare the intruder away. That done, he goes back to work.

Kobby just got off work and is in a bus but there is so much traffic so he spends the time creating a playlist for when he gets home. At home, the curtains are drawn and he starts to play some cool music in the apartment from the playlist he created through his distributed audio. He warms some food with his microwave oven, eats and takes a bath. With the cool music still playing, he changes the mode to romantic. The lights can also be changed to party mode, and sleep mode. In the living room, he watches a movie on his smart TV till he is drowsy. He need not stand to turn off the television but with sleep mode activated, it is sorted. He regulates the air condition and changes the lights to sleep mode and drifts off to sleep. Tomorrow is another day…

From this scenario, one can tell the many benefits of making your home smart. Conserving energy is assured and it makes for enhanced security as well as saves time and money. Smart home is for people of all income levels.