The factory is located at Kwaso in the Ashanti region of Ghana. It is a grain storage and processing facility that is capable of storing 16800 tons of grain including rice, maize, wheat and soyabeans. The facility has four (4) 8000 cubic meter silos for storing grains. It has five(5) 50 cubic meter buffer silos for storing 500 tons of ready to use grains. There are conveyors, elevators, grain cleaners, motorized gate values and a system of sensors and actuators for process control.

The project deliverables include the following:

  1. Providing a temporal substation (for powering the silo facility).these includes running and termination of cables and commissioning.
  2. Cable running and termination for motors, sensors and actuators.
  3. Lighting wiring and installation for the silo facility.
  4. Cabling and termination in motor control centre (MCC) panel.
  5. Testing of MCC panel including starters and local controls6. general commissioning and fine tuning of conveyors, elevators, sensors and actuators.


  1. Design and approval of electrical works for silo facility.
  2. Cable ladder works.
  3. Armoured cable running and termination for power to the silo facility.
  4. Cable running and termination for motors.
  5. Control cable running and termination for sensors and actuators.
  6. Installation of sensors and actuators.
  7. Installation and termination in MCC panel.
  8. Cabling and installation of lighting for the silo area and tunnels.
  9. Installation of temporal power for the silo facility.
  10. Testing and commissioning of the silo facility