Telecommunication, Data Transmission & IT

Technology advancements of the 21st century have elevated the importance of effective and continuous IT operations for most businesses and organizations and therefore the significance of Telecommunications, Data Transmission & IT.  At the Automation Ghana Group, our engineers have the experience to provide solutions for the telecommunications and data centre industry. Our services include electrical testing and commissioning, periodic maintenance testing and specialized consultation to ensure uptime and availability.

Telecommunication Mast
Telecommunication Mast

Our electrical engineering infrastructure design is focused on designing electrical configurations that accommodate various reliability requirements and data center sizes. Aspects may include utility service planning, distribution, switching, and bypass from power sources; uninterruptable power source (UPS) systems; and more. These designs dovetail to energy standards and best practices while also meeting business objectives.


  • Data Centre Environment Monitoring
  • Electrical Panel Building
  • Energy Audits (thermography assessment, power quality analysis, earth ground testing, harmonics studies)
  • Battery Analysis for DC Banks
  • Supply of Test tools
  • Supply of Electrical components (breakers, cables etc)
  • Building Management System